Why Should You Hire an Infrastructure Lawyer?

Whether you work in the property development sector (residential or industrial) or the infrastructure sector (rail, roads, schools or hospital), it is essential to know the foundation of construction laws and regulations in order to run a successful project within the expected time frame. However, learning it all by yourself from the beginning may be too time consuming especially while you have your own business to deal with. Hiring a construction or infrastructure lawyer who is specialised and experienced in your industry can be an enormous help in providing any advice that is needed to make legal decisions.


How can Construction or Infrastructure lawyers help you with?

With their knowledge of construction laws, a construction lawyer is able to help companies with managing contracts, payment, insurance and labor issues as well as disputes. 

It is important to choose the right construction or infrastructure lawyer who is able to apply their experience and extensive legal knowledge in order to determine the risk allocation for the project. Not only that it will help you make easier legal decisions but also helps you manage any potential risks effectively and take advantage of opportunities.


Benefits of Hiring Construction or Infrastructure Lawyer

Contract Preparation

One of the most important things in a construction project is preparing a contract. In order for both parties to have a mutual understanding of the limitation, payment, timeline, as well as any details relevant to the project, it is crucial to have a written contract to ensure the rights to protect both parties. An experienced construction lawyer can help prepare, review and also negotiate construction contracts. It is very common for a lawyer to review a construction contract before handing it to a client to sign as it allows them to adjust the strengths and weaknesses of the contract as well as point out and fix any potential disputes. 


Regulation guidance

Laws, regulations, permits and licenses are few factors that may affect or slow down a construction project, regardless of the size. Having an expertise in this industry can guide you through the process of understanding legal requirements before starting any construction projects. They may also be assisting you with paperwork filing and creating business plans. Reviewing the plans and updating them is also needed to avoid the denial of the permits, preventing any delays to happen, which ensures the process runs effectively. 


Workforce Issue

No matter which industry it is, the importance of employment laws should not be neglected. The construction firm must prohibit the act of discrimination, unfair treatment, as well as improper pay structure. It is best to prevent it before the issue happens by allowing an infrastructure lawyer to review the policies to remain good compliance.


Dispute Resolution

Experienced infrastructure lawyers usually have a variety of techniques in handling construction disputes. They tend to work with you in order to find the best solution for any disputes. They also act as a representative of your company, negotiating the most suitable dispute resolution for you, whilst preparing your case for trial if required. Whilst it is possible to go to trial representing yourself, the help of a lawyer within this field will result in a more favourable outcome.  

A construction or infrastructure lawyer can be a huge help for businesses and contractors in order to establish smooth operations and avoid any potential risks and disputes that may occur. An experienced lawyer can help with drafting and reviewing construction contracts to ensure the protection of your company. They also act as a navigator to provide information about law and regulations to ensure the process runs smoothly. Last but not least, they handle all issues relevant to the construction process such as employment issues and contract issues, as well as provide an effective resolution for you. 


Hiring a Construction or Infrastructure Lawyer 

Selecting the right Lawyer for your business may be a difficult decision. At LegalVision, we are experienced specialist lawyers. Our team of construction and infrastructure lawyers have an established reputation in Australia’s construction and infrastructure space. We provide specialist services, assisting you in every aspect of the construction process. Whether you are in the property development sector or the infrastructure sector, our team has the expertise to navigate you through any project in the most cost efficient and effective manner. 

Contact us today to arrange a consultation with one of our team members or for more information. 

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