ISO 45001 Certification: Benefits of Hiring OHS Consultants

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is a multidisciplinary field that involves the health, safety, and welfare of people in the workplace. It is every employee’s right to work and carry out responsibilities in an environment that is safe, secure and risk-free. An OHS management system is a systematic approach to ensuring that health and safety is continuously improved and maintained in the workplace. This includes safety policies and best practices, systems, standards, programs, and records of an organization pertaining to health and safety. An organization’s OHS management system can be audited and awarded an ISO 45001 certification with the assistance of OHS consultants.

ISO 45001 certification is evidence that an organization complies to global health and safety standards set by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO. ISO 45001 was published in March 2018 to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses among employees and those who interact with the business or organization. It is based on OHSAS 18001, which was developed in 1999. For businesses to ensure that they obtain ISO 45001 certification, they may opt to enlist the assistance of OHS consultants.


Benefits of Using OHS Consultants in Achieving ISO 45001 Certification

If a business already is already certified to OHSAS 18001, they may find that upgrading to ISO 45001 fairly easy. However, for businesses with no experience with ISO certifications, it is recommended to work with OHS consultants throughout the certification process. Here are some benefits to enlisting OHS consultants for an organization’s business audit.


OHS consultants identify lapses in health and safety regulations within the business.

The ISO 45001 certification process will require businesses to conduct an audit of current health and safety practices. OHS consultants are the best position to carry out such audits because they bring to the table impartial third-party assessments that are not influenced by office politics or undue influence. An unbiased point of view can tell it how it is, whether there are issues in the business’ OHS management systems and how it can be addressed.


OHS consultants help integrate all ISO standards into a seamless system that’s easy to understand.

If a business has multiple management systems already in place, OHS consultants can assist in integrating these systems and standards into one to guarantee ease of use and success. Aside from ISO 45001, businesses often get certified to ISO 9001, which is the main standard that ensures continuous improvement of quality products and services. ISO 14001 is another common ISO standard to which businesses can be certified to, involving environmental preservation and the limitation of environmental impact.


OHS consultants ensure legislation updates are implemented.

Standards and regulations change as the needs of the industry changes. OHS consultants help achieve legislative compliance by developing a register and ensure that legislative updates are consistently being implemented within business processes. OHS consultants are also in charge of legislative compliance audits, assessments to ensure that any Australian Government updates or changes to OHS legislation are applied to the business’ legislation register. They are also tasked to provide insightful interpretation of such legislation updates that are relevant to the business.


OHS consultants provide value for the business’ money.

Training employees internally to become experts in OHS can take up time, money, and other resources. Enlisting OHS consultants to tackle health and safety processes will help save on these resources, as they will bring to the table their specialist services and years of experience dealing with businesses like yours, oftentimes in similar industries. From getting certification to ISO 45001 Australia to ensuring the register is amended to include legislative updates, OHS consultants can assist in ensuring the business does not miss out and consistently stays compliant to new and existing standards.


OHS consultants encourage employee engagement and strengthens the commitment to improve OHS performance across the board.

Engaging with OHS consultants to improve overall health and safety performance encourages collaboration between internal teams. It helps build camaraderie among employees and reinforces the company’s commitment to provide employees with a better, safer place to work. It also enhances the business’ reputation as an employer.


When getting certified to ISO 45001 Australia, there is a checklist of steps to undertake during a business audit. For businesses with minimal experience in such undertakings, it would make sense to hire OHS consultants to guide and provide advice throughout the process. Some OHS consultants are skilled in creating solutions for businesses in specific industries, providing insights on OHS best practices for industries in manufacturing, production, and more. Remember that ISO 45001 is designed for any type of business of any size, operating in any industry. OHS specialists can aid in developing ISO 45001 solutions for every type of business.

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