How to Take Your Education Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

“Young people are now paying more than double the cost for higher education than the generation before – and much more than the free education obtained by their parents’ generation”

The education sector is becoming increasingly competitive, with establishments under pressure to find new, engaging ways to display their superiority in the market. Whether they’re providing higher education, coaching or tertiary education establishments across the board must prove to student, and often parents, that they’re the perfect solution for them. You need to convince individuals that you’ll set them, or their loved one, up for a prosperous future.

Challenges of Education Marketing

Financial pressures are becoming a growing concern for many individuals, especially when considering pursuing a higher education. With the looming threat of student debt and fear that years of study will lead nowhere, it’s essential that you’re able to effectively and clearly communicate the value of your offering.

These concerns need to be offset by the perspective benefits, convincing potential students not only of the importance of gaining higher education, but that your institution would be the perfect fit for them. This is also crucial in overcoming the decreasing belief in the importance of attending university. With an abundance of alternative options readily available, what will make your proposition stand out?

When marketing for the education sector, it’s essential that your efforts establish your establishments’ reputation as a credible, authentic and reliable provider. In many cases, it also needs to be taken into consideration that your marketing will need to convince both parents and potential students that you’re the education provider for them or their child.

Typically, a large proportion of the education sector’s target market are members of a digitally orientated demographic. Therefore, it is fundamental that your business develops a strong digital marketing strategy. As frequent users of electronic devices, your organisation now has more opportunities than ever before to reach your target market in a direct and meaningful way.

Essentially, it all comes down to showing individuals that the education you’re providing will help them achieve their dreams.

Update Your Website

When prospects search for your establishment online, they’ll likely end up at your website. So, if your online domains are difficult to navigate, confusing and misleading, this can create notable barriers in the customer journey.

For instance, maybe you have an option for individuals to apply online. A prospect has heard about this and, thus, sought out your online domain. Once on your website, if the individual is unable to find where they can apply or the form you’ve provided is impractical and confusing, your prospects probably won’t stick around for long. This is just one case where someone with serious purchase intent can all too easily leave your website unsatisfied and, thus, is all the more inclined to turn to your competitors.

The information on your website needs to be clear, relevant and easily comprehendible. You’ll need to ensure that the design and layout of your online domain isn’t difficult to navigate and that usability is maximised. In addition to this, maintaining consistent branding site-wide is crucial. If prospects visit your website and experience confusion as to what exactly you are trying to offer them, they may not stick around to find out. Clarity is key, as is creating a visually appealing, value-driven website that enhances your education marketing strategy, rather than hindering it.

Leverage User Generated Content

70% of people trust online peer reviews and recommendations more than professional content”

In the education industry, leveraging user generation content can provide your current or potential students with reassurance that your establishment is authentic and trusted by others.

User generated content acts as a form of social proof, showing your target market first-hand insights into what your institution is really like. If integrated into your marketing strategy effectively, the use of such content can be a great way to build a favourable brand image and boost your overall attractiveness as an education provider.

Interested in incorporating user generated content into your marketing strategy, but not sure where to start?

It could be as simple compiling positive quotes from current or previous students regarding their personal experience at your establishment which can then be shared on your website. It’s all about giving your target market an inside look into your business, and providing them with social proof that you really are as great as you say you are.

Integrate Augmented Reality

Experiences are truly valued by consumers. In the education industry augmented reality can assist in creating an interactive, unique and personalised experience for your target market.

“Almost 90% of Snapchat users say they enjoy GeoFilters”

With an audience who are generally frequent users of digital platforms and social media, through the use of augmented reality those in the education industry have the opportunity to reach their market directly and in a relevant, exciting way.

In creating an interactive experience, augmented reality can work to boost engagement and establish a sense of community at your establishment. In particular, Snapchat GeoFilters are a cost-effective way of getting your students involved. They encourage individuals to share content related to your establishment and, essentially, generate word-of-mouth.

Although this approach is generally more student focused, it can still assist in creating a great experience that children will then want to share with their guardians. In doing this, reaching each distinct target group in a positive way.

Find out more about what it takes to create an effective education marketing strategy today.

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