Why You Need a Site Analysis Survey for Town Building & Planning

Whether for commercial or residential purposes, Site Analysis Surveys are mandatory. Also called ResCode Surveys, Site Descriptions or Site Context Plans, Melbourne land surveyors need to be familiar with it to ensure a smooth process for town building. A Site Analysis Survey is often a requirement for the subdivision or property development process. It details out information to understand site surveying, the surrounding context and opportunities and restraints that may arise. These surveys are usually requested by architects, town planners and anyone designing development on the land. These surveys are part of the supporting documents and permits required by relevant councils. 

Site Analysis Survey: What’s included?

This analysis survey provides information for town councils to ensure that the proposed land use suits the layout and character of the neighbourhood. Furthermore, depending on the type of town planning, councils may require a survey detailing properties within a 50-meter (minimum) radius of the proposed development. This survey provides relevant details in regards to Clause 56 of the Council Planning Scheme which includes information on:

  • Roofing of building/dwelling
  • Vehicle access points along the street
  • The use of natural light and ventilation within the development
  • Minimising disturbances during the construction phase
  • Ensuring the development is cost-effective in relation to other existing buildings
  • Fencing height and types
  • Building setback information
  • Proximity to nearby public open space such as community and recreational facilities, schools, local shops and public transport
  • House photos
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What to look for when choosing Melbourne land surveyors to conduct a site analysis survey

There are many a service across greater Melbourne that can assist you in ensuring you have everything you need to get the required approvals for council. Look for surveyors with a plethora of experience across multiple building and dwelling styles. Experienced surveyors already know council requirements and have the best chance of attaining approvals. Site analysis surveys are just part of the entire process. Other requirements include information on title re establishment surveys and feature/level surveys. The team at Linear Land Surveying have over thirty years of combined experience to help you get your land development projects approved. With full consultancy and a whole suite of other services offered such as GPS surveys, building set out information, quarry surveys and lease area surveys, Linear Land Surveying is a trusted and reliable company.

Give Sam and team at Linear Land Surveying, (Melbourne land surveyors) a call on 9873 8888, or email [email protected], for a free setout quote on your next building, land subdivision or construction project.


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