Our Top Flower Care Tips for Winter

We all need a little touch of colour in winter, but it can be hard to know what flowers will thrive in your vase during the chilly season. Our Auckland flower shop has the following tips for buying flowers in winter:

  • Look for flowers with bright green stems that are smooth. Discoloured or slimy stems are a sign of an unhealthy flower that will quickly begin to droop when you take it home
  • Avoid buying flowers that are faded in colour or have petals that are either turning translucent or brown. Wilting flowers are also on the way out and should not be bought.
  • While they look stunning, flowers with buds that are fully blown are towards the end of their lifecycle and therefore won’t last long if you purchase them. Instead, choose flowers with buds that are just starting to open so that they come to full bloom in your home.
  • Look out for healthy leaves when purchasing flowers.  

Excessive sunlight and heat is actually detrimental flowers, so contrary to what you might fear, your vase or bouquet will likely still flourish during winter.

Our favourite flowers to purchase during winter include:

  • Lenten roses – These beauties last a full week
  • Camellias – Perfect for adding a striking touch of colour to your home. However, be warned that camellias are notorious for their poor vase life.
  • Tulips – These stunning flowers are a vibrant addition to any vase or bouquet, with their stems continuing to grow even after being cut

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