Australian Armour; Why The Military Uses Bisalloy Steel

Established in 1901 the Australian Military is just over 100 years old and has served in numerous active combat since then.  As a result the need for protection within this industry is vital. Bisalloy’s proudest achievement is to have been able to aid in the defence of troops and the optimisation of the Australian Defence Force. But how does Bisalloy offer its support exactly?


Bisalloy Steel Is Used To Build the Bushmaster Vehicles  


Bisalloy is a proud supplier of durable lightweight battle ready sheet metal for the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle.  This was after securing the contract with ADI (now Thales Australia) to provide the armour for these unique vehicles.

Winning the contract against tough competition our steel had to be able to withstand rigorous testing. This included, but was not limited to, getting shot by multiple armour piercing rounds and having explosives detonated underneath the base of the vehicles. To deal with these stresses the hull was designed from tempered and quenched Bisalloy steel armour (Bis 80) a very high strength structural plate. Allowing for maximum strength and minimised weight. This helped the Bushmaster in its high-speed deployment objectives.

For the project Bisalloy have been working with ADI (now Thales Australia) who are manufacturing the Bushmasters for the Australian Army. The Bushmaster has already seen action. Two prototypes were used within East Timor for transporting senior figures on the ground.


Bisalloy Partnered With Rheinmetall To Build The Boxer Vehicles


In addition to the Bushmaster Bisalloy are also working in partnership with Rheinmetall’s on the Land Phase 2 programme.  This was one of the biggest military deals in Australian History. Rheinmetall is currently the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force.

This allows Australian made Bisalloy steel armour to be used in production of over 200 Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles. The vehicles needed to be strong yet agile, a similar requirement to the Bushmaster. In addition they also needed to be able to take the weight of a large mounted boxer lance turret. The project is already underway as of late 2018 and the first Boxer CVS’s are set to be released for use in 2020.  For more information watch this  video on the project.

Bisalloy is already working with Rheinmetall for the Land 400 Phase 2 Project and is supplying two new grades of armoured steel for local and export military programmes relating to this. The new Boxer vehicles will be able to transport a maximum of 8 soldiers for high speed deployment over a variety of unforgiving and dangerous terrains.


Bisalloy Steel Helps Create Collins Class Submarines


Due to Bisalloy’s steel being easily welded and extremely tough the hulls of the Collins Class submarine were able to be constructed in Australia for the first time. This would take the defence force into the 21st century. The submarines were designed by Kockums Marine AB of Sweden and built by the Australian Submarine Corporation in Adelaide. Once work started each submarine took 2.5 million hours to assemble collectively (across all contractors). Named after Vice Admiral Sir John August Collins each submarine has a crew of 42 and is 78 meters in length.

Bisalloy was then chosen as a leading supplier. This was due to it being the only manufacture in Australia of quenched and hardened steel.  In total 8000, tons of performance enhanced steel was supplied for the attack class submarines (all 6 currently in use in the Australian Navy). This resulted in Bisalloy steel winning a highly commended award from the Australian Department of Defence for its excellent work on the vessels.  The first Collins’ Class Submarine was completed on time and under budget and has easy exceeded the Royal Australian Navies performance specifications.

Bisalloy has been working with the military for multiple years as the only supplier of quenched and tempered hardened steel. Steel armour well suited for high stress environments. We’ve been privilege to help protect the men and women who risk their life in the interest of national security. Bisalloy has also supplied many defence organisations across the world. This includes the Commonwealth and the U.S.A for both military and civilian applications (for example security vehicles and safe rooms).


At Bisalloy we take pride in high levels of service and our outstanding product quality. To learn more about the projects as well as inquire about what Bisalloy steels can do for your business then make sure you visit.

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